About Playts

At Playts, we have developed and enhanced a piece of footwear that surpasses the traditional notions of normality and practicality. They have no true geographical placement, no sexual orientation and represent an attitude of individualism, freedom, self-empowerment, and confidence. The creative opportunity and how you want to express your Playts is up to you. 

We aim to deliver stability in equal measure to style and have focused on the levels of detail within the luxury that allow for such complete ergonomics. Our P motif is evolved throughout, delicately centred in the footbed and showcased as the trademark monogram style on both the sole and strap. The reverse of the said strap features a material designed to prevent blisters and allow for wear times comparable to orthodox closed-toed shoes.

Our scientifically contoured footbed is designed by the number one sandal maker in Italy, and in turn, possibly the world. The standard of their craftsmanship and their sustainable work ethos was paramount in our decision-making process. The environment should be a key focus for all people, and we take great pride that 50% of the energy used throughout the process is sourced from solar panels. Equally as important is at no stage do we use any animal derivatives in the making of Playts. 

By limiting production on our collections, Playts will always be exclusively inclusive to all.